What Should You Look for in a Dental Implant Surgeon

Dental implant surgery can give you back your smile and restore your ability to chew and speak normally. In general, it is a safe and highly successful procedure, so if you decide that it’s right for you, there’s a good chance that you’ll be happy with the results. However, it still takes a lot of trust on your part to allow a dental implant surgeon to do their work, and it’s in your best interest to choose the best surgeon available to you. The following are some of the things you should be looking for in a dental implant surgeon.


Obviously, you want your dental implant surgeon to be a licensed dentist. But you should also look for a dentist who has an education specifically related to dental implant surgery. This can be a little more difficult for patients to evaluate. Technically, any dentist is legally allowed to place dental implants, but dentists who do so are held to the same standards that surgical specialists are; so ideally, you’ll want a surgical specialist to do the job.

Ask questions about your dentist’s level of education as it pertains to dental implants. You’ll want to know how many surgical courses they’ve taken, how many continuing education courses they take on dental implants each year, and whether they’ve taken courses on managing dental implant complications.


No matter how well-educated your dental implant surgeon is, you probably don’t want to be their first patient. Different patients have different needs, and not all dental implants are the same. The more dental implants your dentist has done, the more likely it is that they’ll be experienced with the type of dental implants you need.

Ask your dentist how many years they’ve been placing dental implants and how many implants they place each year. Find out whether they’ve performed bone grafting procedures before, especially if you think that you may need bone grafts. Ask your dental implant surgeon how they handle cases that are complex and patients who experience complications. Will they refer you to another specialist?


Your dental implant surgeon’s level of empathy, or their bedside manner, is important to consider as well. You have to feel comfortable with your surgeon, and that means that you need to know that he or she understands how you feel.

Your surgeon should be willing to explain each procedure you need and answer any questions that you have about the procedure itself or your recovery. They should be able to explain the difference between different techniques and types of dental implants and why a certain one is right for you. For example, why are all on 4 implants a better choice for you than traditional implants? A good dental implant surgeon will communicate effectively and work to make you feel at ease before going ahead with the procedure. Your teeth are important, so don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions so you can make an informed choice. If you’re wondering whether dental implants are right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation by calling (401) 247-2200.