March/April 2015

Spring into Spring!

With all of the snow in 2015, many of our lives have been put on hold, leading to cancellations and cabin fever! Amidst all this extreme weather, we remember to change the oil in our car, get our hair done, and pay our taxes, but did you know that one of the most important annual events, our dental care visit, is often forgotten, postponed, or canceled? Skipping this small appointment will affect you in a big way. Something as simple as the early detection of a cavity can save you money down the road. The benefits do not stop there. Beyond brightening your smile and removal of dental tartar with a thorough cleaning, we can evaluate the health of your gums (which has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke) and screen for serious threats like oral cancer. It’s time to thaw out from this freeze and, dare we say, think Spring! Schedule your appointment today to help monitor and maintain your good health.

Dental Check Ups for the Whole Family

Extended Group Portrait Of Family Enjoying Day In ParkWe are true believers in preventive care and education, and we know that a lifetime of dental health and beautiful smiles comes from a true partnership between dentist and patient. We are devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty and health of your smile using tried-and-true state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. Offerin g a comprehensive array of dental services in one location, Maple Avenue Family Dentistry proudly treats Rhode Island’s East Bay Community and can help you and your family get the outstanding care you’re looking for. Along with his team of highly-trained and friendly staff, and eleven of Rhode Island’s top dentists, owner Dr. Andrea Barone, insists on maintaining the highest standards in dental care, making Maple Avenue Family Dentistry the premier family, cosmetic, and specialty care practice in your area!

Maple Avenue Family Dentistry maintains its strong reputation with the help of some of the most highly-qualified dental professionals Rhode Island has to offer.Among them, Dr. John Ruel, an expert in full-mouth rehabilitation, continues to see our most complex cases with consistent hours. Dr. Brad Turchetta and Dr. Michael Kacewiczfrom RI Orthodontic Group also meet the growing needs of our patients, providing orthodontic care for children and adults. If you or a family member think you may need orthodontic care, including Invisalign® or Invisalign Teen®, please call for an appointment. Leading implant provider and retired naval commander, Dr. Robert Bouffard, is still our commander of surgery and maintains regular hours to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding periodontal, implant, and oral surgery procedures, including the preventative removal of wisdom teeth. Book a consultation today!

Courtesy Note to Parents: Maple Avenue Family Dentistry is proud to offer many services to both children and adults. We continue to do all we can to have appointments run timely and efficiently, and offer convenient evening and Saturday hours to accommodate our patients’ demanding schedules. A dentist is always on call for emergencies, and most dental insurances are accepted. Please remember, however, that children below the age of 18 cannot be dropped off and left without an adult present to first check in and speak with the dentist/orthodontist. Thank you!

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Nayatt School 5K:

Maple Avenue Family Dentistry is excited to sponsor another year of the Nayatt School 5K held on Saturday, March 28th, rain or shine! Offering a full day of fun-filled activities, this race and kid’s fun run generates proceeds which help fund programs for the children of the Nayatt School. Thank you to all of the other sponsors who have contributed to this event!

Toothy Tidbits

Oral Cancer Foundation Sponsors 15th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April 2015.

High Angle View Of A Woman Having Her Dental Checkup

April 1 kicks off the start of Oral Cancer Awareness Month. “The dental community needs to be the first line of defense against oral cancer,” said Brian Hill, founder and executive director of the Oral Cancer Foundation.” Just performing ‘opportunistic’ five-minute oral cancer screenings on the existing patient population that visits a dental office every day for routine hygiene appointments could have a profound impact on our ability to discover the disease at earlier, even precancerous, stages. To read more about this initiative, please check out the full article on our website.

Please check your calendar for your next dental appointment, and if you haven’t got one booked, call us today!

In an effort to increase efficiency, Maple Avenue Family Dentistry switched over to an automated confirmation system called Demand Force. We are now able to utilize text messaging and email as a way to confirm scheduled appointments. Please call or stop by the front desk to ensure your contact information is correct and up-to-date. If at times this system asks you to rate us, we thank you for your support!


Dental Care in Barrington, RIOur state-of-the-art dental facility has an equally comprehensive website, offering an abundance of information for our patients and visitors.

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Please Note: Additional parking for Maple Avenue Family Dentistry is available in the lot on the opposite side of our building, across the street from Holy Angels Church. For those parking by the emergency room entrance, take the elevator up to the second floor where our office is located.

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