Dr. Rachel Gillardetti IMG 2275 Maple Avenue Family DentistryDr. Rachael Gilardetti graduated from New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD) in 2018. Through the orofacial honors program, Dr. Gilardetti gained experience in the treatment of myofascial pain, neuralgia, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. She also completed a general practice residency at Lincoln Medical Center in Bronx, NY, through Cornell Medical School. She obtained training in treating pediatric patients with space maintenance issues as well as exodontia. Dr. Gilardetti’s general dentistry practice focuses on crowns, fixed prosthodontics, simple and surgical extractions with additional experience in sinus lifts, bone grafts, and alveoloplasty. She completed a two-year surgical fellowship in implantology at NYU and is also certified in Invisalign. 

Dr. Gilardetti is passionate about treating special needs patients, children and adolescents, and those with dental phobia. Her gentle touch, and calm and empathetic approach allow her to make even the most sensitive patients at ease with their dental care. In her spare time, Dr. Gilardetti volunteers to help disadvantaged populations obtain access to affordable dental care and co-founded a nonprofit mission called Smiles for Ethiopia.

Recently, Dr. Rachel Gilardetti visited the rural mountains of Peru treating nomadic Inca people. These peoples’ native tongue is quechua, which is an Inca language. The Quechua people have an agricultural lifestyle with very low economic resources. Dr. Gilardetti spent six days doing volunteer dental treatment, such as extractions and fillings, as well as educating the villagers of tooth care. She joined the trip through a nonprofit organization, GoBe International, which is committed to providing free dental care to rural populations in developing countries. On this trip, Dr. Gilardetti set up a mobile dental clinic to visit the villages Cruzpampa and Aquibamba. More than 50% of the patients treated were their first time seeing a dentist.