Your First Visit at Maple Avenue Family Dentistry

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At Your First Dental Appointment

Your first visit here at Maple Avenue Family Dentistry will typically consist of a cleaning, an examination, and a review of your treatment options. If you accept treatment, we can begin with that treatment immediately, though a complex medical history or treatment plan may require a further evaluation and a second appointment. We’ll make sure to accommodate your schedule.


What New Patients Should Expect On Your 1st Hygiene Appointment

  • 1. New patients should arrive 15 minutes before their appointment to give you enough time to fill out new patient forms and not take away from your scheduled appointment.
  • 2. The patient will then be called in by their hygienist and begin the appointment by reviewing your health history and adding information into your computerized dental chart to ensure no medical conditions contraindicate dental cleaning.
  • 3. Your hygienist will then take the necessary X-rays in order for your dentist to evaluate your dental health with a proper examination and treatment plan in order to resolve any dental issues. NOTE: New patients will require a full set of X-rays if no current x-rays have been provided in the last three years.
  • 4. After X-rays have been taken your hygienist will do Periodontal Charting. Which is evaluating your gum health by measuring the pockets around your teeth.
  • 5. Once your gum health has been established, intra-oral pictures will be taken of the mouth of any previous restorative work, cavities, recession, broken teeth and/or any abnormalities. Your Dental Professional will then go over these pictures and express any concerns or recommend any treatment you may need.
  • 6. The doctor will then determine which course of action the hygienist should take in the order of most critical. Afterwards, your hygienist will either begin your regular professional cleaning or schedule to start Periodontal Therapy also known as Scaling and Root Planning.
  • 7. At the end of your cleaning appointment your hygienist will schedule your next professional cleaning, based on your gum health and overall oral hygiene. Finally, one of the office coordinators will schedule all appropriate appointments with your dentist. The coordinator will review any deductibles and copays at this time. Note with some procedures dental insurances will require pre authorizations before any work can be done.

In order to make your first dental visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible, please come prepared with the following information:

  1. • X-rays from previous dental practices (not required for your appointment)
  2. • A list of any or all medication that you’re presently prescribed and taking
  3. • Your dental insurance information

Having this prepared and ready for your appointment will save you time and allow us to make your first visit the very best experience.

We’re so excited to see you. If you have any questions, please call (401) 247-2200 or send us an email.