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A Brief History of Bristol, RI

The Bristol area was originally inhabited by the Pokanokets, but it became part of the Plymouth Colony in the late 1600s. The town was part of Massachusetts until it as transferred by the crown to the Rhode Island Colony in 1747. Bristol was bombarded twice by the British Royal Navy during the Revolutionary War. Rhode Island might be the smallest state, but it used to have more than one capital cities, and Bristol was one of them until 1854.

Bristol is home to the oldest continuously celebrated Independence Day festivities in the country, with the earliest record of it beginning in 1777, when a British officer described hearing it across Narragansett Bay. He could hear the 13 cannons fired (one for each colony). For many years, the festivities have begun on Flag Day (June 14), and they climax on July 4, including the country’s oldest annual parade, “The Military, Civic, and Fireman’s Parade.” These celebrations are why we are known as America’s most patriotic town!

Maple Avenue Family Dentistry Near Bristol, RI

We love serving the people of Bristol and helping them achieve their dental health goals. Whether that means essential preventative dentistry through regular cleaning appointments, something more advanced like dental implants, or even emergency treatments in the case of an injury, we look forward to being your partners in lifelong dental health. Check this map if you need directions to our practice.

If you are unsure whether your situation is considered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We quickly diagnose and determine the gravity of the problem and treat you according to your emergency needs promptly. Sometimes life happens, and there are just times when dental care is immediately needed. In these times, an emergency dentist is who you need to call.

See What Bristol Has to Offer

You can get a great view of Narragansett Bay from the East Bay Bike Path. The bike path was originally contested by the locals because they worried it would be a magnet for crime, but since it opened, the anticipated crime has been nonexistent and the bike path became a welcome asset to the community. It allows bikers, roller skaters, and walkers.

You can’t miss the famous 4th of July parade if you’re in Bristol over the summer. It begins at 10:30 in the morning at the corner of Chestnut Street, then continues along to High Street between State Street and Bradford Street.

If you’re a fan of public gardens, Blithewold Mansion, Gardens & Arboretum is a beautiful place to visit and was named one of the five best public gardens in New England by Yankee Magazine in 2010. The house and gardens are spellbinding, and it’s especially lovely to visit during the Christmas season.

Top image by Wikimedia Commons user Kenneth C. Zirkel used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.