Dentist in Warren, RI

Maple Avenue Family Dentistry Near Warren, RI

At Maple Avenue Family Dentistry in Warren, we take pride in serving the local community and helping individuals achieve optimal dental health. Whether you require routine preventive care from the dentist, such as regular cleanings and check-ups, or more specialized treatments like dental implants, our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. In the event of a dental emergency, our experienced professionals are available to provide prompt and effective care to address your needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re unsure whether your situation qualifies as an emergency—we’re here to provide guidance and assistance whenever you need it. Your oral health is our top priority, and we strive to ensure that you receive the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and welcoming environment. If you require directions to our practice, please refer to the map.

Directions to Our Practice

If you’re a new patient, you might not know exactly where to find us. We’ll get you started with a popular location: the George Hail Library. We’re a 7-minute drive away in good traffic conditions. Get onto Main St heading north. Follow the bend as the street becomes County Rd, and then cross the Warren Bridge. Keep following the next couple of bends until you get to the Maple Ave intersection. Turn left onto Maple Ave and keep going for half a mile. Watch for us on your left. If you pass the Holy Angels Catholic Church on your right, you wen too far!

A Brief History of Warren, RI

The site of Warren, Rhode Island has a lot of history, first as Sowams, a settlement of the Pokanoket people. The area was first visited by English colonists in 1621, during the time of Chief Massasoit. Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins became lifelong friends and allies with Massasoit after saving his life, and that fostered good relations and a trading post in the area.

Massasoit and his oldest son sold land to Plymouth Colony settlers to begin the permanent English settlement, which included what is now Warren. It was then part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Sadly, relations between the settlers and the Pokanoket people grew strained after Massasoit’s death and would never recover, but the settlement was first incorporated as the township of Sowams. It was ceded to Rhode Island in 1747 and renamed in honor of a British naval hero in 1745.

Warren was the original home of Brown University, which was founded in 1764, and it was the only one of America’s first universities to welcome students of all religions. As a whaling port, the town was hit hard by the Revolutionary War and raids by the British, but it recovered in the years afterward and became famous for its fine ships. Warren is still home to several waterfront businesses.

See What Warren Has to Offer

Warren is often overlooked as a destination in favor of Bristol, Providence, and Newport, but it has a bustling waterfront, some great locally-owned shops, and outdoor recreation. If you enjoy hikes, a great place to check out is the Touisset Marsh Wildlife Refuge. You might spot a red fox or a deer while you walk the mile-long trail, and it’s a great spot for birdwatching. The trail is an easy one for children and families, but make sure to leave the dog at home!

If you’re looking for a spot to grab something refreshing after your hike, why not go back in time to a vintage soda fountain? Delekta Pharmacy on Main Street still makes their sodas with syrup from an old family recipe. You’ll find plenty of little treasures like this one in Warren.